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Oily Skin Care

The skin cells naturally produce sebum to protect and keep it moist and hydrated. When this production is over we are dealing with oily skin, which is the type of skin prone to acne. For that reason, we must pay close attention to the care of oily skin to keep it clean, attractive and healthy.

While those with oily skin see it as a problem, you should also know that in the future will be the least wrinkles, as this type of skin is more resistant to aging. However, it is important that you take care throughout life to make it look splendid.

One of the basic rules in the care of oily skin is to make a daily skin cleansing to unclog pores and kill bacteria that cause acne. Wash your face with warm water and cleansing lotions for oily skin, never ordinary soap, because it increases oiliness. You can also use antibacterial lotions.
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Tips for Skin Care Allergic

1) Avoid excess moisture: Use short floats, as infrequently as to allow their activities (in children every 2-5 days), using the coldest water possible.

Avoid long baths in pools, tubs or sea, unless your skin well lubricated before.

Dry skin uncut. Towels must not contain residues of detergent or fabric softener.

2) Avoid excessive sweat: Do not overdress in times of cold or heat. If you exercise, use the lightest clothing possible. It is preferable to bathe in cold water if you sweat too much.
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Healthy and Beautiful Skin With These Tips

Find out what treatments offer cabinet and what you can do yourself to fight anything that alters its beauty.

Then, healthy and beautiful skin with these tips:

Effective solutions:

Dermatologists are inclined advanced products to treat sensitive skin such as:

Liposomes of the 4 seasons: it has four different formulations, one for each season. It was created exclusively for sensitive skin with vitamins A and E, calendula, chamomile and other lightweight components to ensure a thorough wetting. Ideal for the day.
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