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Nurse Jobs – How to Qualify as a Licensed Practical Nurse

If you have always adored working with people, nurse jobs may be suitable for you.  If you are willing to spend a few years to acquire a degree in science, you can apply for the position of licensed practical nurse (LPN) after you graduate.  This is a rewarding job opportunity because you can potentially earn more than $100k per annum.  There are many places where the services of LPNs are highly needed.  You can try your luck at the hospitals, private practices, mental health institutions and offices of physicians.

You can practically apply for LPN nurse jobs just about anywhere you want.  This is because an LPN is a global position.  In order for you to secure a place in any place you want, it is best that you equip yourself with the right qualifications.  Apart from the degree, you should also attend the LPN program.  The program is obligatory and it allows you to sit for the N-CLEX-PN examination that awards you with a certificate upon passing the exam.

You also need to undergo the LPN training.  You have to pass both classroom and hands-on training.  By undergoing the training, you can get exposure to the real scenario of nurse jobs.  In most cases you need to spend around one year to earn the certificate and 2 years if you want to get a degree.